About Heidi Scott of Illinois

Heidi Scott IllinoisWith more than 15 years of experience working with taxes and real estate law in Illinois, Heidi Scott works as an attorney at Schuyler Brown Land Title in Mt. Sterling, Illinois. In this role, she provides clients with real estate deeds and other types of transfer documents. In addition, she works as an attorney and CPA for the Law Offices of Heidi Scott, also based in Mt. Sterling.

Heavily involved in law, Heidi Scott served as secretary of the Illinois Government Bar Association (GBA) from July 2003 through June 2005 and was president of the organization from July 2005 through June 2007. While president the organization launched its website, hosted its first continuing legal education course on ethics and professionalism for government attorneys, and created the annual GBA Scholarship Award.

When not in the office, Heidi Scott enjoys performing and plays the flute and piano. She participated and was ranked in the top 25 at National Flute Association’s annual competition in 1987. While at Luther College for her undergraduate studies, she was a member of its orchestra and attended on a music scholarship. After spending her upbringing split between Bundenthal, Germany, and Cedar Falls, Iowa, she followed her passion for travel once she completed law school and traversed throughout Europe.