Heidi Scott Helps With Estate Planning

Heidi Scott Illinois
Heidi Scott Illinois
Heidi Scott, Illinois

Heidi Scott is both an attorney and CPA who specializes in estate planning and real estate matters such as preparing real estate deeds and transfer documents. Heidi Scott is the owner of Schuyler-Brown Land Title in Mt. Sterling, Illinois.

One’s estate is everything that one owns, including any real estate, vehicles, investments, and assets. But what happens to all of those assets after one passes away? That’s where estate planning comes in.

A good basic plan for one’s estate should include, in writing, who should receive which parts of the assets or property, and when that person should receive them. Individuals should also put their last wishes and desires into writing, as well any instructions in case they become unable to make their own decisions before death.

Often, people don’t think about planning their estate because they think they aren’t old enough. Estate planning can be done by anyone at any time and doesn’t have to wait until retirement.