The Social Benefits of Team Sports for Kids

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Social Benefits

Illinois-based CPA and accomplished attorney Heidi Scott helps her clients navigate the intricacies of tax law and estate planning. Alongside her many professional duties, Heidi Scott has coached several youth sports teams in Illinois, and is currently focusing on establishing a youth soccer league in her hometown.

In the United States, 45 million children make youth sports a part of their lives. All of these children get healthful exercise, but the ones who elect to play team sports also reap the social and developmental benefits of athletics.

Team sports cultivate a team attitude and a sense of responsibility. Young children learn to be accountable to their teammates by trying together, celebrating victories, and learning from failures as a unit.

This helps them learn that in sports, just like in life, you generally get out what you put in. Practicing hard and exhibiting discipline benefits the entire team, not just the individual player. Slacking off or shirking responsibilities harms the team as a whole.

Children who participate in team sports gain patience and the ability to gracefully wait their turn. When they learn that it is not always their turn, they do not get to start every time, and sometimes they have to take a stint on the bench, kids get better at sharing, waiting, and developing empathy for others.